#Skype – Just in case, #Translator is already inside Skype :D


Some time ago I wrote a couple of posts about Skype Translator. If you do not know what is Skype Translator and, if the name do not you gives a clear idea of the functionality, is time to you to rest a little. A quick way to define Skype Translator maybe:

Skype Translator allows translations in real-time between 2 people in a Skype conversation so they can talk “between each other” using different languages in the same Skype conversation.

Here we can see an example of a conversation with Valentino in real time. I write in the panel of the right in Spanish and Valentino responds in the panel of the left in English.

2016 08 05 Skype Translator

Skype Translator was initially an Skype extension, although now and for some time it is part of Skype as a product. In the image above we see as, now that Valentino has been more than 5 months in Toronto, of course he speaks better English than myself.

When we talk on Skype, I can set up as part of the conversation, that my language is Spanish and the Valentino English.


From now on the interaction is very smooth, I can write in Spanish in my Skype window and messages arrive automatically translated to Valentino in his Skype window. The only thing that is recommended to take into account, is that as we are speaking through a translator bot, so you have to be quite explicit and clear with the way in which you talk (this comes as an advice from an Argentinian dude who has lived long time in Spain, and of course, my language has evolved a lot)


Another interesting details about Skype Translator, is that not is tied to the desktop version of Skype. We can also configure a conversation in different languages from the web window of Skype, here we see it from the Outlook window of Valentino, which also allows you to make calls and Skype conversations.


Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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