#Hololens – Cool updates and news with #Windows10 Anniversary Update


Now that we have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update available, we also have some interesting news for Hololens. Maybe the best way to start is with a quick overview

The official communication shares all the news, I will leave a couple which I consider most important

  • We now have the ability to purchase up to 5 devices by developer. Without being part of the test program!
  • Now the Hololens support some enterprise features such as
    • Kiosk mode: very useful if we use them in fairs or events where people the test Killer User
    • Integration with Mobile Device Management, the friends of IT will be happy with this!
    • Support for Bitlocker, more happiness for IT
    • Support for a private Store in enterprise mode

And from the point of view of developers we have

Attach To Process Debugging
HoloLens now supports attach-to-process debugging. You can use Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 to connect to a running app on a HoloLens and start debugging it. This works without the need to deploy from a Visual Studio project.

Updated HoloLens Emulator
We’ve also released an updated version of the HoloLens Emulator.

Gamepad Support
You can now pair and use Bluetooth gamepads with HoloLens! The newly released Xbox Wireless Controller S features Bluetooth capabilities and can be used to play your favorite gamepad-enabled games and apps. A controller update must be applied before you can connect the Xbox Wireless Controller S with HoloLens. The Xbox Wireless Controller S is supported by XInput andWindows.Gaming.Input APIs. Additional models of Bluetooth controllers may be accessed through the Windows.Gaming.Input API.

So this is a great time to spend about $15000 (plus taxes) and take to the streets to hunt some Pokemons!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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