#TFS – RIP Branching Guidance for Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services

Hi !

I’ve been writing and talking about branches and branching strategies for a long time. I remember that I usually start or end my presentations with

The worst branching strategy is not to have a branching strategy at all

After some time, I get to a point where I realize that people are “over using” branches, so I start to try to teach about the correct use of branches (or event not use branches at all!). Then Git get into our lives and everything start to make more sense.

During all this time, there was a #MustRead document, which I strongly suggest if we talk about branches:

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers Branching Guidance,

This set of documents also included topics on dependency management with Nuget, Git for TFSVC users and more. It was a great starting point to have a clear view of what we can do with branches in Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Services.

Now, after 10 years, this guide is removed from Codeplex, and the main idea is to replace this guide with MSDN articles as a starting point.


I’ll copy the contents proposed in the Visual Studio ALM Rangers post as new starting point for this.

Blog posts:

So, thanks to all the work of the ALM Rangers and RIP Branching Guidance!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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