#Opinion – The big success for #AR: a not so focused child game like #PokemonGo

Hi !

At the end it was a Game, yes a game for children. After a couple of years reading and testing tons of interesting Augmented Reality prototypes and projects, the one who really make a mark in our life is Pokemon Go.

Note: If you don’t know yet anything about Pokemon Go, just open your window and carefully look for these people in your yard, their are not taking pictures.

And you know what, Google has this idea a couple of years before.

But long story short is that behind Pokemon Go is Niantic, a former Google subsidiary. And Niantic was the first spin-off from Alphabet. So until July 8th, Pokemon Go is installed in more Android devices than Tinder in the USA, and is close to Twitter in active users.

And because this is a location based app, Pokemon Go is also opening new business models. Even without the “OK” from Nintendo. Take a look at this picture from this article


“ Currently, PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms (key real-world locations and landmarks that Pokémon Go players visit to acquire collectibles and do battle) are pulled from the location database of Niantic’s original location-based AR game, Ingress. Those locations are generated through user submissions, which are open to anyone in the user community, and which are vetted by Niantic before being added to the public database. “

And you know, all the Pokemon Hot Spots are very busy with people right now. So, maybe in the future some big retailers will pay to Nintendo to add they locations as Pokemon Training locations? And maybe someone will pay to Nintendo to delete a PokeStop (popular location) in your front yard … if you don’t want ton of Pokemon players playing around your house late at night.

People are moving, and this is good. Maybe too god because people are complaining about this app are requiring them to perform a lot of exercise. In other cases, someone found a dead body looking for some Pokemons (yes, this is not a joke). And my bet personal one: Someone is using a drone to perform a semi automatic high level Pokemon search.

So, maybe now Nintendo will really start to think if going mobile is an option (they always say NO to this). And I already started a Pokemon league with my neighbors so I can play and track my kids during summer.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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