#Event – Materials used on the Continous Integration Festival. TFS, Travis, TeamCity, Jenkis and more !

Hi !

I’ve been part of the CI Festival with our Lemon Coders friends, and now is time to share some of the materials I’ve used on the event.

Let’s start with the video of the event.

I also need to thanks to the speakers, each one of them presented a great scenario using Travis, Team City, Concourse, Jenkis and more:

I’ve started with some Visual Studio stuff for CI. After a simple “Create a build definition demo”, I move to the dashboard to review a high level view of our team


I also speak a little about Hosted and Default Build Agents. I shared the new Cross-Platform Agents for Windows, OS X and Linux.


And much more. Of course, at some moment we move from CI to Continuous Deployment, and there a are a couple of interesting links to share about this.

I hope you enjoy the video

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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