#Windows10 – #Chrome kills your battery, Edge wins but …

Hi !

Today in the Microsoft Blog we found an interesting competition between the most popular browsers and Edge, to decide which product is better if you think about battery life.

So at the end the PC running Edge last 70% longer than the PC running Chrome. And that’s it, that’s everything you need to know about Edge, numbers are great. And to be honest, a 3 hour difference in a laptop device is something serious.


However, as a user of both browsers IMHO Edge is still far away from Chrome. I’ve been using Chrome since a couple of years, and even if I know that Google “read and analyzes” everything I do in the browser, the user experience is great.

And now everything is about the user experience: I can start browsing something in my phone and later, Chrome at desktop will automatically learn from my previous browsing experience and suggest stuff very related to me. This is really and omnichannel experience.

Every time I install a fresh copy of Windows, I only nee to spend a couple of minutes deploying Chrome, add my user and password and that´s it, I don´t miss anything. All the extensions are installed automatically, all the settings are almost complete, and, as I said, in only a couple of minutes.

With Edge the promise is still better, once you are working with your Windows Id (formerly know as Live Id), you’ll get the same experience. Now extensions are here for Edge, let’s hope that the complete experience evolves to a more robust system. In example, now I need an Edge browser in my iOS mobile phone to have the nice user experience, and lucky me: battery is still no problem for me.

So, Kudos to the Edge team, the path is the good one, and let’s hope that there is some time left to be competitive with other browser players Open-mouthed smile

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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