#Hololens – A couple of other Holographic devices

Hi !

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft announced that the Holographic world will be open to other platforms besides Hololens. And they chose this video as the best way to present this.

So I think is time to create a small list on some of the cool devices which are now great players in the AR, VR or Mixed Reality game.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap is maybe the most trending right now. Event if there is no much information about this, some of their promotional videos are very good. And of course, let’s not forget about that Magic Leap has raised a staggering $4.5 billion in multiple investment rounds,

There seems to be a leak on the final design of their hardware, and their design is something like a training helmet between Star Wars, Star Trek and some other SciFi worlds.


Meta 2

You’ll probably saw this a couple of times. The design is similar to what we’re used to see and also, they are already shipping ! Which is good, you don’t need to wait a couple of years, or live based on videos and leaks, Meta 2 is here

CEO Meron Gribetz said “Developers who are interested in building something new, or in using the real world to enhance what they’ve already built, should come to our offices, meet me, and let us show them how we can convert their VR experience to an AR one in about a half an hour,”. It is currently available for pre-order and costs $949.


Zero Latency VR

This is not a commercial product yet, but it deserves an entry here. Sega has presented Zero Latency as part of their free-roaming VR experience as a permanent attraction at the Joypolis in Tokyo.The attraction will be available at the amusement center starting in July. And, if you are looking for an excuse to go to Japan, that’s it.

Epson MOVERIO BT-2000

And if we turn to some Augmented Reality devices which are already available, Epson Moverio BT-200 and BT-300 are a great starting point. This are really wearables devices, which requires a direct connection with a smartphone (as far as I understand). The usability seems to be very natural and of course, because their are based on Android, the developer programs is very big.

The BT-200 is already available at $699 and the BT-300 is ready for preorder. The nice one about this, is that you read online some real reviews of the products, and so far I read very good ones.

However, Epson has another surprise here: EPSON BT-2000. This is an AR device which seems to be very powerful. It has en embedded projection system (similar to what we know in Google Glasses), and also has a GPS, ALS, Compass, a stereo camera which is used to “map” in real time the environment, and much more features.

However, is not cheap. The price is similar to the Hololens $2999

So, a couple of interesting options to track in the AR, VR, and MR world!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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