#Podcast – Entrepreneurs and “the Cloud”; some experiences, opinions and more (Spanish)


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In this episode, I’m not along, I’m lucky enough to share some time with Elena Salcedo Ortega and Juan Manuel Servera from Microsoft; and also Braulio Diez as an entrepreneur; and we all talk a little about how the world of small businesses has changed thanks to programs like BizSpark, platforms such as Visual Studio Team Services and many other services that you can use in these days.

During the first 15 minutes we started talking mostly about apps and business problems. Then Juan Manuel Servera joins the session and it becomes a little more technical, focusing on problems and opportunities we have today. Not all the topics we touch are about tools and Microsoft services, for example: the comparison of prices of BitBucket, GitHub or Visual Studio Team Services is an exercise that really worth listening.

Personally I get to the conclusion that thanks to services-oriented models, a small Startup can enjoy the same Apps and services that a great company; and the same goes for the development-oriented services. Whether you’re a company with 5000 developers, or a 3 people start-up, the services that you can count will be the same.

It is good to see that the SaaS model really works and can help a Start-Up can put its focus on “the business” rather than having to invest time in tasks trivial and heavy as maintaining infrastructure, dealing with suppliers, etc.
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