News – #Microsoft open Xamarin’s SDK, #Xamarin Forms previewer and more !!!


Hi !

I was facing a couple of busy days at work, so I miss a couple of news. Today I’ll pick the best one, directly from Evolve:

Microsoft open sources Xamarin’s software development kit

That’s great or what? In the past months we get Xamarin for free in Visual Studio (this is the official one). Today the Xamarin team shared that Microsoft has open sourced and contributed to the .NET Foundation the Xamarin SDK for Android, iOS and Mac under the same MIT license (the same one used in the Mono project).

So, all the package is now open source

  • API bindings for Android, iOS and Mac
  • Command-line tools necessary to build for the 3 platforms
  • Cross-platform UI framework Xamarin.Forms

And if this now enough, there are some other cools news related to Xamarin. I strongly recommend to read the complete list here, I’ll share the main ones

Visual Studio

  • iOS Simulator Remoting: Simulate and interact with your iOS apps without leaving Visual Studio – even supporting multi-touch interactions on Windows machines with capable touchscreens.
  • iOS USB Remoting: Deploy and debug apps from Visual Studio to an iPad or iPhone plugged into your Windows PC, eliminating the need to switch machines to test.

Xamarin Studio IDE

  • Roslyn compiler integration: Xamarin Studio has now switched to Roslyn, Microsoft’s open source .NET compiler platform. This brings full C# 6.0 compatibility for code completion and creates a much more consistent developer experience between Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio. This will be a big help for developers who switch between Mac and Windows workstations. More information available here.

Xamarin Forms

  • Forms Previewer: Real-time previewing of Xamarin.Forms XAML source from directly within the IDE eliminates the need to run your app in order to see the layout, saving time.

The last one is amazing !!!

Greeting @ Toronto

-El Bruno


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