#News – #Xamarin for free, #VisualStudio for free and now #Windows is free !!!

Hi !

Long story short:

So, last year Microsoft made a big bet when they announced that the “Professional” version of Visual Studio will be called “Community” and it will be available for free to use it.

Yesterday, they shocked us again when they announced Visual Studio will include Xamarin, and you know: Visual Studio now Includes Xamarin which means

Visual Studio Community now integrates Xamarin features that complete the out-of-the-box mobile application development experience for Android, iOS and Windows. Share code across devices while delivering apps with native performance and look & feel.


But they are closing the week with a mayor announcement:


Yes, free as you always expected. The official release is here, and you can go to the download page here.

Ok, if you clicked previous links, you are now thinking in my family, but this news is old and true: Windows 10 IoT is free for makers, and also Windows is free for devices with screens under 9 inches … so not a complete April’s Fools Day post Open-mouthed smile


Greetings @ Toronto

-El Bruno



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