#Garmin – Next Challenge: #ConnectIQ SDK & #MonekyC



The process of installation in Toronto is taking shape. While I continue with the steps necessary to live here, I give me the luxury of jogging at – 10 ° C to learn a little.

Best of all this, is that the past February 14, Pao gave me a Garmin Forerunner 235 to replace my M400 Polar, already a bit old. After giving some kilometers to the legs, I began to know the ecosystem of Garmin, the truth is that it has left me quite stunned.

In addition to its sports capabilities based on own sensors as the Heart Rate, GPS, etc.; the smartwatch is a BLE connection constant with the smartphone. When vi BLE, began to see whether there was the possibility of doing “more” with the Garmin.

I gave a good taste, when I got to the Connect IQ SDK, which is the basis for developing apps for Garmin devices. As in all these cases, I didn’t expect to do anything, but I’ve taken me a pleasant surprise: Connect IQ SDK supports Windows, Android, and iOS.

Now my next step is to use Visual Studio 2015 as development tool, which is going to be some kind of weird. I’ve just found that the programming language is Monkey C. Which is something completely new for me. I have seen that it is a mixture between Java and C, which can give me many fun times.

As well, to see that I can get the Garmin. And even compare it with other SmartWatchs who worked with their SDKs, such as the Microsoft Band and the Pebble.


Saludos @ Toronto

-El Bruno


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