#MsBand – #FakeBandSdk, now you can create band apps without the real device !!!


Another quick post today. Yesterday I started to believe again, in public institutions where procedures functioned like clockwork. Today however, I went back to living in  a Kafka book. Finally I’ve got all my  papers, I really believe that with a smile and great discretion it is possible to take forward the interesting bureaucratic processes.

I mess and not share something that more than one may be interested in:

Fake Band, a Fake implementation of the Microsoft Band SDK to create apps without the need of having the device

Our friend Pete, leverages that the Microsoft Band SDK is designed using interfaces and he created his own implementation which does not rely on the MS Band. I like also the sentence where he kindly request help for the FakeSdk!

Those that I didn’t need throwNotImplementedException for the time being. If you use this project please feel free to fill those architect as you go!


Finally, he share with us a sample app “Band on the Run” where he shows how he developed using mode for DEBUG fake and the real band in RELEASE.


Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno


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