[#PERSONAL] #MVP for 9th time and a year with some BIG changes



New year season is always a great time to enjoy with family and friends. And also to consider new goals. This year I’ve been a bit ambicious with the goals… but I’ll get to that later.

Going back to January 1st, I must admit, even if I’ve being recognized as MVP 9 years in a row, I still have a child’s illusion waiting for a gift, when it become 16:00 GMT + 1 I and check the Inbox waiting to get mail from MVP recognition.

Important: The first year I received the recognition, I saw the email 4 days later, was marked as SPAM… lesson learned!

Over the years always I have marked me different objectives to share and learn with the communities, from keeping the blog up to participate in events and share my experiences.

This year the challenge will be bigger, since in a few months I move with his family to Canada. I guess now that Channel9 has given us to the MVPs, the opportunity to publish contents of a more agile way I’ll have to start to use this channel. It is something new, so I obviously like it … and everything that involves learning something new always has liked and if in addition, I can contribute something to the communities, as best!

So, for years I know a new way of life and see as combine with the music, the lazy running and technology!

I need to thank all the MVPs I know, I usually share with them BIG TIMES!, also Microsoft Spain team that always gives us a hand with what we need (and looks we put them forward difficult ideas!) and obviously Cristina (@crisgherrero). She has always supported and helped at all, and it has also been seeing as I have been maturing and while initially it had been robotitos to my talks, lately I have my children, who are much more fun Open-mouthed smile

Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno


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