#VS2015 – Windows Universal sample App using #FaceDetection native API on #Windows10



In the yesterday’s post I wrote on the new Windows 10 APIs to perform face detection. In today’s sample app (shared on GitHub), it is possible to see how a WebCam feed is analyzed in real time and displays the detected faces.

2015 12 30 W10 FaceNAtive API demo

A couple of details about the App

  • The AppCommandBar button changes to show the FaceDetection in On/Off status. As soon as you see how to change an Icon with C# update this code.
  • When a face is detected, I make the process of painting the frame synchronizing Threads. Don’t have very clear why this.


  • I need to do some work on the app resize

You can download the complete example from GitHub here.

Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno


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