#VS2015 – #Windows10 native API for #FaceDetection

Hi !

Among the new APIs that brings Windows 10 to work with images we found one quite interesting: Windows.Media.FaceAnalysis. The name already tells us the functionality of this API: face detection.

Using this library, we have several ways of working with it. For example, in the FaceDetector class, we have a DetectFacesAsync() operation that using a SoftwareBitmap, performs an analysis on this image and returns an array with the collection of detected faces.

Another way of using it is to associate it with an instance of MediaCapture(), which is the class that we usually use to access the camera in Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10. The following example shows as a time to initialize the MediaCapture, we can add a new ‘effect’ (line 75) with a FaceDetectionEffectDefinition, for the detection of faces.



Then we can set other options as the frequency in which we want to perform the analysis, and subscribe to an event for each detected face (line 80).

In upcoming posts I will share an example use of a Universal Windows App using this feature.

Saludos @ Madrid

-El Bruno



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