#MSBAND – Suscribe to User interaction with #MicrosoftBand and #VS2015


Today I start from back to forward. First a video where we can see

  • A deployed custom Tile in a Band, with
    • A label
    • A barcode
    • 2 buttons
  • A Windows Universal Application on Windows 10 which
    • Connects to the Band
    • Capture the clicks of a user on the buttons
    • Displays the button pressed in the app

In the previous post I wrote on how to create this Custom Tile. In the post, I also wrote about the importance of the identifiers for the Tile and the Tile controls. In this example, these values are a GUID for a Tile and a series of constants for the Tile UI elements.

The simplest events of interaction of a user with the Band that we can capture are

  • Open or close a Tile
  • Press a button

The class [TileManager] is the one who publish events for these scenarios. In the following code example, we can see the subscription to 2 events. Also, when a Tile is Opened the status bar is updated with a custom message.

The capture of the mouse clicks on buttons is similar. Although it is important to note that we perform a “filter” of the captured actions to see if this action is from our tile (line 94). Then as we can identify the button by its identifier and work on it.

In the following code example, I update a message in the UI of the app with the specific button pressed..

And now you can see the video again and you will surely have lot more sense.

GitHub source code: https://github.com/elbruno/Blog/tree/master/MSBand/App1

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno



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