#INNOVATION – The importance of the speed in fight


i guess that everyone with an similar to me, will have Bruce Lee among his idols. As a child, every time I watched his movies it was an amazing time. When you see his films today, you have to get a special chip to be able to relive those moments. However nowadays, the Bruce Lee-s story is something that you can start to check. I’m not going into details, about the life of Bruce Lee, since there is a lot of material on it. But if I want to highlight a constant that had at the time of fight

Bruce Lee was trying to finish his fights quickly

It’s simple. All the decorations and stunts that we usually see in his films, in actual fights were completely unnecessary. In a real fight, the important thing was to win and win quickly, I mean to do so effectively. If you are still learning about the life of other great fighters, you’ll see that this is a common feature among most of them.

This type of mentality is something that we also often find in innovative companies. In them, when they face an unexpected situation, what really matters is how fast they can reacts against it. There is a general feeling that “everything moves faster” on these types of companies.

On the other hand, in traditional companies, roles, processes, hierarchies, are the values who dominates the company way of work. These other values, generate additional noise, acting as a brake on the speed of reaction. In these classic environments, it is common to see executives who want to be innovative, but don’t want to innovate. When there is time to choose, they always go for traditional processes with results against the chance to face the uncertainty posed by applying a change.

Innovate is risk, and common sense advised us not to risk everything. However, risking little by little we can begin to learn and in this way, we can begin the basic cycle of growth Build > Measure >  Learn.

In my post, fail fast is cheaper than you think, I explained how failing fast is a good way to help us to quickly adjust our course. And this can be achieved by respecting principles 2.

  • Trust in the changes you are doing, they will be effective
  • Act quickly and efficiently

It is not so complicated, and if you know the foundations of Agile you will see many similarities. For example, rely on people not on processes, be transparent and learn fast, etc. Although if we further back to see that the great Bruce Lee, was right

Act quickly and efficiently to achieve good goals.

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno


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