[#VS2015] No more Premium or Ultimate, now is #Enterprise!



I’m not yet in a position to write a post for the April’s fools day, but it will come. Today what is new is that model licenses and versions of Visual Studio will finally start to get more human with Visual Studio 2015.

The main change is that from now on, the main version name is Visual Studio Enterprise. The Ultimate and Premium versions are merged into a single version. Now there are only 3 versions, which can be summarized as follows

-Community, free and with support for AddIns

-Professional, all a Dev needs, and some little testing.

-Test, all a testing role needs

-Enterprise, everything you need is here

Comparative versions Visual Studio 2015 officer, can be seen in this link.

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

PS: If a ninja cat holding a Microsoft flag, riding a Unicorn that shoots fire through the nose, not excites you… This is not your day.

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