[#HOLOLENS] Thank you #Microsoft. Finally, happy like a child with a new toy ;)



If yesterday you were aware of the update that it presented Microsoft on Windows 10, surely you’ve been shocked when at the end the HoloLens appeared on stage. If you did not catch it, the best thing to do is to watch this video

At this point, I really started to pay attention to the presentation. I mean, Windows 10 is great with a single core for all devices, streaming from the XBoxOne, Office Phone, etc. These news are great. However, these news are part of a natural path of what we can expect in these presentations. We know that sooner or later they have to reach.


And, how about HoloLens? In the 03:22 minute the video begins and the presentation started to change. We see a group of developers talking about the challenge which was to create this technology. Videos and scenarios that are presented are great, though clear, everything sounds very “Hollywood”, very of papier-mâché. Something that looks sensational but perhaps only a great video.

And reaches the minute 06:39 and Loraine is invited to participate, and from here it gets very serious. In a few minutes we can see how Loraine (sorry if I bad spell the name) in a holographic environment creates a very cool drone. Also deserves special attention the special camera with which he films and composed what is “constructing” Loraine. In 3 minutes Loraine built from scratch a drone using holograms, gestures and voice commands. And little more I will say about the presentation, just great.

What is important for me is the way in which Microsoft introduces this technology. Even tipical media which tends to be very critical with Microsoft just recognizing that this first step has been very good. As always, the comparison with Kinect is inevitable. It seems that the day of today, Kinect is a device which has not convinced anyone. However eveyone have tested a Kinect, all have been encouraged to try this technology because the need to interact in a more naturally with the technology is something that we all look forward to. There are better or different products, the reference remains Kinect.

With Kinect, we had to wait almost a year from the Natal Project was presented to the final device. With #HoloLens the wait will be a little shorter. However HoloLens part with large differences to achieve this new type of interaction.


On the one hand, it is not a 100% oriented gaming device. HoloLens is intended to be a natural extension of our integrated technology environment. This means scenarios oriented to the fun as watching a movie, or play a console; but also scenarios for communication, support, construction.

The 2nd point that strikes me is related to this theme “Builders” (construction). Humans are a construction race from our origins. If we have learnt anything from the technology of 3D Printers, is that not only serve to create a nut and a screw. But they are rapid prototyping tools, that allow ideas to the physical world in a very agile manner.And if add you, that in the process of creating virtual of these ideas now can do using holograms .

This is important, very important. Hololens relies on Windows Holographic which has as base an Open Source platform. This opens the door to independent developers. This is not a trivial move. Apple and Google have already shown that the amount of Apps may seem a silly metric, but is important to the success of a platform.

Finally, there is money, lots of money to support this project. Although it seems always the bad guy, Microsoft has a culture of innovation that is always hidden behind the curtain of large corporations, but that in cases like this brings that is committed to a change and I think that this case one correct.

So, I look forward to the next 6 months until we see the version of available developers. And finally, after some time, I have a couple of ideas with a Microsoft product to carry forward and play with my kids 😉

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

HoloLens: http://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us

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