[#WINDOWS10] HowTo: Speed up your Windows 10 Technical Preview updates


A few seconds ago I was pulling my teeth with pliers, because I have different versions of Windows 10 Technical Preview in my development laptop and in my Surface Pro for demos . This may seems trivial, but it has already complicated me a lot. In previous versions of Windows 10 Technical Preview there are some features of WinRT apps which are not working (for me is build 9869). The good news is that these bugs have been fixed with the build 9879 and … my Surface Pro wasn’t updated.

While my initial instinct was to deploy a new OS from scratch in the tablet, I remembered that a while ago I came to this link where they described How to set the frequency in which you receive the updates of the OS.

Inside “PC settings” there is a “Preview Builds” section that allows us to set the frequency with which we want to upgrade to new versions of Windows 10. (Fast or Slow)

w10 01

The beauty of this option is that automatically installs all new versions of Windows 10 Technical Preview which is released and makes an upgrade ended that it works very well.

If you are also a craving and don’t want to wait at 03:00 AM to the OS update only, because the “Install Now” option to download and update the OS.

w10 02

There is a restart of by means

w10 03

And then you have the latest version of Windows 10 Technical Preview, which I must say it is much more stable than the previous. In addition to that brings many interesting things 😉

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

Resource: Defines how often get new builds

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