[#NUGET] Package at Solutions level now can consolidate between projects and other interesting news for the new #NuGet release


I was talking to Victor a couple of days ago about how hard is to keep the NuGet packages updated in a big solution. In example, in a Visual Studio solution that’s been used for plenty of users, when he had to accommodate NuGet packages references. Although the packages dilema is not as complicated as DLL Hell in COM, it can probably give you enough problems when in a solution with multiple projects, versions of a package NuGet are different in each project.

The correct way to add NuGet packages in a solution is in the solution leve. Shortcut menu and voila, the NuGet options are there for the solution.


Among all the novelties of yesterday in the Connect event, NuGet friends also released some interesting news. One of them is “version consolidation“, which basically saves you having to accommodate the pkgs of each of the projects in a solution at hand. (according to David are 5 minutes away, for my 2 days, to Victor 5 hours)

Also in the full story tell us about the new modeless tab editor nuGet, the selector for versions, a list of actions to perform against conflicts, etc.

The truth is that having to wait until Visual Studio 2015, or the beta for VS2013 is a little bit of anxiety 😀

Greetings @ Amsterdam

The Bruno

Source: http://blog.nuget.org/20141112/nuget-3.0-preview.html#version-consolidation

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