[#KINECTSDK] Error: Status = DeviceNotSupported, time to reinstall the SDK: S


When you develop with Kinect, you have to be prepared to deal with strange things. If you also use a Kinect for XBox360, you can find that after be developing an app for days, suddenly you meet the next state of weirdness when your app starts to raise an unexpected status: DeviceNotSupported .

To validate this, you can launch Kinect Explorer app, and you can see the detail.


According to the official documentation, in the Debug buffer (Output Panel) should show the following message indicating that this type of State appears with a Kinect for Xbox 360, and that there is no problem on a development computer.

The Kinect plugged into your computer is for use on the Xbox 360.
You may continue using your Kinect for Xbox 360 on your computer for development purposes.
Microsoft does not guarantee full compatibility for Kinect for Windows applications and the Kinect for Xbox 360.

In my case, where I’m working with a development computer, I still find the problem. The first thing I thought is that when working without power, in battery mode, so it raises some weird usb ports configuration and lost recognition of the Kinect, but no this is not the problem. I connected power and the error was still there. The 2nd test was a classic, reboot; and the problem was still there.

Finally, the 3rd option is that solved me the problem: reinstall the SDK. I’m not sure why this option, but it works.


Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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