[#OFFICE] #OfficeMix and some analytics


Do you remember my post about OfficeMix? as soon as I finish the post I drop in the draft folder the following post about analytics.

The analytics stuff is very simple, once you get a Mix online, you can access to the Manage option. Inside this option you get some other actions, included “Analytics”


If you go for Analytics, you’ll see the use of your slides with 2 main views “by slides” and “by users”.


In the “by slides” view you can review the amount of visitors, views and average time of each visitor in your slides.


The “by users” view also displays very useful information, average time of users viewing the slides, total visitors count and total views. And some interesting statistics like the percentage of users which view the complete set of slides.

At the bottom you can also see a list of users and some numbers about them and your slides


Saludos @ Barcelona

El Bruno

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