[#OFFICE] Office Mix, amazing extension for #PowerPoint!


Since a few years ago we decided to minimize the use of PowerPoint presentations. Some people thinks in PowerPoint as a bad tool, when in reality it is an excellent tool!. What happens is that many times we find people who think that “the PowerPoint supports everything” and creates overloaded slides, in a way that makes us hate PowerPoint. It is also good to remember that the creation of Slides is an art, and it must also be supported by some good skills if you are planning to present this content.

When you teach a class, PowerPoint is great to keep the class thread, to highlight important points and to make way for intermediate sections. In cases in which use less PowerPoint is due to a change in format. For example at Avanade Barcelona Innovation Center, we only use 4 slides when we have meetings

  1. Title of the Meeting
  2. Participants
  3. QA
  4. Good bye

And ready! Everything important happens between the 2 and 3 slides!

Today I found OfficeMix, which is an extension that allows us to add additional content to a presentation, PowerPoint, video, surveys, audio, drawing, etc. In this way it is possible to publish sessions online much more “rich” and with much more format for sharing.

Below you can find the download link. And once installed, we can see a new Ribbon in PowerPoint.


The operation is very simple, you positions on a slide and add the new content type. For example, in the online publication that I made at the first slide I added Video, Audio, and drawing. This is Edition format, above you can see the basic editing options.


We can also add apps (if if you rather not have apps today does not work, no?). There are various types of Apps for example surveys or preview of websites.


When we’ve finished complement our slides with this content already we can publish the same online. Panel publication is a fairly simple wizard.



Finally it is published online.

Can see an example published with 4 slides at:https://mix.office.com/watch/1XC0P3WBNWD74

Another interesting option is the ability to export and create a video.


The creation of the video is very fast and you can see an example online here.


Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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