[#TYPESCRIPT] TypeScript is RTM, although this news has much more inside


I am still analyzing the hugh amount of news from the last week Build, so today is time for TypeScript. I think that I have writed a couple of TypeScript posts. This tool is a great idea for me; only to give a little “typed” in the world of javascript, with this that’s just OK.

So that the news, now TypeScript version 1.0 is included as part of the latest update to Visual Studio 2013, and also as a package NPM and in addition it is possible to find all the source code at CodePlex. And these last 2 statements are showing how Microsoft has been maturing and IMHO choosing the correct way with new technologies.

On the one hand, the source code of TypeScript is open for everyone in CodePlex. There isn’t much to explain in this world, transparency, a community behind it, etc. And on the other hand, also is it made available around the world as a NPM package for node.js developers.

Note: If you don’t know it, NPM is the NuGet of node.js.

This last means that TypeScript, being a MS technology can (and probably will be) used in environments not Ms. A few years ago, such situations were unthinkable. Today, seeing the rise of node.js and the number of developers that behind, no longer seems a bad idea this community use and improve a product Ms.

So, in conclusion, TypeScript is version 1.0 RTM; However, what struck me most of the news is another smaller news Winking smile

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2014/04/04/the-release-candidate-for-visual-studio-2013-update-2.aspx

Saludos @ Barcelona

El Bruno

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