[#KINECTSDK] Camp:Introduccion development with Kinect (sold out!)


Thanks to Cristina (my MVP Lead) and to Rafa Ansino, I’ve the cnace to participate and lead a DevCamp with focus in the development with Kinect for Windows SDK. the date for this Camp is March 8, from 09:00 to 14:00. In this session I’ll share an overview of what we can do with Kinect for Windows and the SDK V1. The sad part is … we sold out! I’ve a have full House. The good news is that you have the chance to request a Second Edition, so if we get enough quota we’ll probably do another.

And we’re very freak, so I’ll also share some of the capabilities of the new Kinect for Windows V2 (which is simply amazing!) and why not, some that another development environment not Microsoft to create games with Kinect and C#.

By the way if you want to see the posts of Kinect SDK V2, them can be found here.

Registration (or almost) http://www.eventbrite.es/e/entradas-campintroduccion-al-desarrollo-con-kinect-10100142799

Greetings @ Home

El Bruno



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