[#PERSONAL] 7th time as MVP !!!



Start a new year like this great ! … in my homeland, with the family and with an email from Microsoft friends where they tell me that for 7th year in a row I have recognized as MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional)

The truth is that I’m still enjoying this recognition as a small child with a new toy. And best of all, is that they recognize it me for what I like to do, I think it’s the better way to live Open-mouthed smile

As every year, I will download a little Geek in NBA that I have inside and as last year I dedicated it is to Kevin Durant, Lebron and other greats has passed, today I will remind one of the largest in recent years players. Allen Iverson.


The truth is that it was a MASTERLY player, which it won almost everything except the ring. Seeing the numbers of their more than 10 seasons where he averaged 26.7 points per game already give an idea that was a great player. It is now in the doldrums, retired and with bad publicity; but the best definition of this player is that madeLebron James when asked about their favorite players:

The four-time MVP of the NBA has brought out his more personal side in an interview with ESPN.In it, LeBron surprises with confessions about their aspirations, their fears and also with the names of the players most admired that. LeBron leads that list with Jordan, although it puts another escort to nearby, which is considered by many as the best player of all time.

James surprises by mentioning to Allen Iverson as the other player he has always idolized and justify its mention. “Of course I grew up watching more videos of Michael Jordan than any other player. But I also noticed much in Allen Iverson,”ensures the Heat player.

“Iverson’s not I have caught anything… Well Yes, their confidence,”said ‘ King ‘ James.”Everybody says that measuring 1.80, but in reality it was 1.75. And say than 72 or 75 kilos?However playing as if it was an escort of 2 meters, being one of the best trailers we’ve seen.You can not put in doubt his heart. Never. It always gave everything. Iverson was my second favorite player after Jordan.”

And gift one photo more than special Open-mouthed smile


Greetings @ Cordoba

El Bruno


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