[#VS2013] #Chocolatey, installing Visual Studio 2013 in a single step!


It seems incredible that I’ve not yet written something about Chocolatey. If I have to define Chocolatey, is very easy

Chocolatey is NuGet for applications

Another way, instead of installing a package as a Visual Studio extension like you do with NuGet, Chocolatey takes care of installing a complete application, that includes app dependencies, and the application itself.

Once defined Chocolatey, let’s post of the great Matt Wrock; the same has how has created a package Chocolatey to install Visual Studio 2013 (from Express to Ultimate versions). I have not yet had the need to reinstall Visual Studio 2013, but when you arrive in Spain and wait for me my brand new Pro 2 Surface under the tree, sure that I take the opportunity to try it.

Here some popular packages to install

Visual Studio 2013 Package: http://chocolatey.org/packages/VisualStudio2013Ultimate

Source: http://www.mattwrock.com/post/2013/12/30/Visual-Studio-Installations-The-15-minutes-you-will-never-see-again-Dont-do-it-Have-Chocolatey-do-it-for-you.aspx

Greetings @ Cordoba

El Bruno


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