[#KINECT] #KinectSdk Version 1.8 Released!



yesterday was released the Kinect for Windows SDK version 1.8. You can download this package from the Developer download Center of Kinect. Even is not a major release, there are some things that are quite interesting in this update:

Improvements in Kinect fusion

The previous version already included Kinect Fusion, which basically allowed us to create 3D models using a Kinect sensor (my 3D head is an example of this!). In this version this feature has been improved a lot, the libraries that do this job as well as a couple of very good examples.

They’ve also added an example to create 3D models with Kinect Fusion with multiple Kinect sensors. This I have to take a look because he had no new and it is really important when you work with these technologies.

Green Screen = Background Removal

Create an application that displays only the image that takes a person kinect camera and put a custom background, something that was not very difficult with Kinect (I put an example here). In version 1.8, have left this example only with 2 lines of code… Thanks much! Now called Background Removal

Example HTML

As I said, an little and simple sample, very simple sample to work from HTML5 apps with Kinect. I say simple because what did the friend OMAR Dale is much much more better … Open-mouthed smile

Example of customizable UI

Another simple example, but that helps us to see the capabilities of Kinect. In this case an application that depending on the distance detected a user displays an element and another…

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/kinectforwindows/archive/2013/09/16/updated-sdk-with-html5-kinect-fusion-improvements-and-more.aspx

Greetings @ La Finca

El Bruno



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