[#OPINION] You don’t need to learn a new language to create Windows Store Apps, YOU NEED TO LEARN !!!


the good thing about the holidays is that you can catch up on back issues, such as watching this TED EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF VIDEOS . I will not tell you the details, but they are about 20 TED talks open your mind to think differently …

And that is what brings me to write a post like this one, after seeing more than 10 articles which tries to promote the creation of Windows Store apps telling you to learn a new programming language. The paths are usually simple, for example, from Objective-C to HTML5 world ( WinJS ) or XAML; or from HTML5 and they help you mature for WinJS .

The point of all this is to try something new, something that makes you get out of your comfort zone and help you create new mindsets. It has been a while since I was in one session with Hadi Hariri (@hhariri ) and he suggested that we should all learn a new language every year, It open my mind in a awesome way.

Clarification: You probably don’t know, but Hadi’s style is pretty special, most of the time Hadi is not suggesting or supporting you kindly to change or do something. He’ll spit in your face with a level of realism that either makes you cries as a child, or you hate him. In both cases, he touches a sensitive area where the information comes to you and leaves you something making a little noise in your head.

Well, reading between the lines to learn a new language is a bit subjective. What you need to do is exercise your mind, take on new challenges that will help you create new patterns in your mind to sharpen your ability to solve problems. By the way, programming is a creative task and is based on a 98% in your ability to solve problems. If your mind is used to solve problems and you constantly acquiring new knowledge, surely it will be easier to reach elegant solutions for you and most important is that you will never be happy with what you do .. always have the concern to know if you’ve been done in a better way.

Opinion: Those who are convinced that their solution is the only or best of all are just idiots or fools. (Your mental age you choose you want to put)

In my personal case, for some time that this task of learning new technologies / languages ​​was combined with learning other elements related to what I like (my profession or job at Avanade Spain); concepts such as marketing, communication channels, people talking, people listening, etc.. For example, today I am doing a couple of dojos Kendo UI Dojo (one cool fwk of Telerik for HTML), while participating in an online course marketing has cost me a fortune and makes me see things differently from the point of view project management (I still ALM MVP man !!!)

So remember, if you want to learn a new language to create Windows Store Apps, Go For It! If you are not creating Windows Store Apps, also go for something new, like propose yourself a six months goal to to help you improve your skills. Remember that CHANGE is actually DEVELOPMENT.


Greetings @ Barcelona

El Bruno


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