[#LEGO] New features for the new LEGO #MINDSTORMS #EV3 (OMFG!)


I swear by the life of my cats that I am doing an exercise of will and trying to continue writing about How to work with TFS and GIT. But of course, in 5 minutes I see this news, accompanied by a sort of Welcome to Beta Testers (can not say more…) and… today touches Lego Mindstorms .

In January he had already written something about about the new version, however the final specifications are brutal. As I mentioned before I can tell nothing of what I have between hands, but as the people of ArsTechnica has already done so, here shot it (almost almost in copy & paste mode).

Release date and price

If this is official: 1 September. And the price will be about $349, probably around 349 € in Europe… is much more expensive but much that play with separate pieces of Arduino or Netduino. However, here we have all the LEGO philosophy soaked in this product.

Hardware, sensors and compatibility

It seems crazy talk about specifications of hardware for a layman, however it applies in this case because in our hands, we will have a piece of machine. The new processor is an ARM9 with 64GB of RAM, 16MB of storage and a USB 2.0 port; as well as Wifi and Bluetooth. SO carrying within is a Linux.


Sensors that come with this version are similar to the above:

  • 3 Motors (2 large step by step and one small)
  • 1 touch sensor
  • 1 light sensor
  • 1 IR sensor

In addition we have a remote control to interact with the brick and many, but many parts to assemble our models.

A good thing is that the sensors and motors of the V2 version of Lego Mindstorms work with this version, so if you already have a Lego… maybe to put everything!



The application to “program” our applications now available for Windows and OSX. The model is the same as that in the current version: a flowchart where you can drag the sensors and motors, define conditions, flow, operations, etc.


That in addition to the option to download the SDK and develop our applications in C++, or use Microsoft Robotics, or any of the other options.

To end the video of the people of ArsTechnica.


Greetings @ La Finca

El Bruno


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