[#XDUINO] Arduino vs Netduino vs Gadgeteer (VI) conclusions, Pros and cons of Arduino



  1. Introduction. https://elbruno.com/2013/07/13/xduino-arduino-vs-netduino-vs-gadgeteer-i/
  2. Example with Arduino. https://elbruno.com/2013/07/15/xduino-arduino-vs-netduino-vs-netgadgeeter-ii-usamos-el-arduino/
  3. Starting with Netduino. https://elbruno.com/2013/07/16/xduino-arduino-vs-netduino-vs-netgadgeeter-iii-empezamos-con-netduino/
  4. Example with Netduino. https://elbruno.com/2013/07/17/xduino-arduino-vs-netduino-vs-gadgeteer-iii-el-ejemplo-con-netduino/
  5. Example with Gadgeteer. https://elbruno.com/2013/07/18/xduino-arduino-vs-netduino-vs-gadgeteer-v-ejemplo-con-gadgeteer/


After the series of posts where I showed how to make a simple application with a LED and a BUTTON with Arduino, Netduino and .Net Gadgeter, today I present my opinion about Arduino. Let’s see…



Arduino is the most widespread platform between the 3. It is almost impossible to think of an example and not find related information in Arduino.cc, google.com or bing.com. There are tons of samples, many forums and a very big community behind Arduino so you probably do not have to spend much time in research.

Another important point is that, while there are components that can be reused between 3 platforms, the starting point for most of the sensors and actors, is always for Arduino. Arduino is the platform which has more “versions”, more sensors and a is also the cheapest.


Although of course, are not all good news for Arduino. If you are not used to program in C/C++, you’ll have a little pain. Forget about programming events, multithreading, and everything that we are accustomed in the 21st century with languages like C#. For sure there are many solutions in forums and communities for these “problems” However most of the times, you find a solution which is incompatible with another solution, so you have to sit down and spend a good afternoon and evening with the device to the side, programming, deploying, testing, etc.. By the way, if you are of those who like to debug… forget about in this case.


Arduino is the most popular platform and the cheapest. That already makes that add many points and in addition, if you get used to the programming environment (once again recommend Visual Micro and Visual Studio 2012) can have a good time. In addition if you want to work at low level, or with sensors not standards, Arduino gives you a very powerful base to get started.

Tomorrow Netduino stuff

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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