[#OFFICE] Looking for the UX pa kill it with Outlook



I’m going to take advantage that I am in Seattle, near Redmond to cut off his fingers to the UX adapted Outlook 2013 to make it “touch capable”. See, I use Office 2013 and 2013 Outlook in the Surface Pro and the truth is that it is going very well. Almost everything you need to do in “the finger” tablet mode can make you, however in Outlook 2013 there is something that I think is not well thought out if you work with the mouse.

For example, when you get an email and have the preview of it, it is the ‘Reply All’ option, which is one that I usually use much.


What they usually do at this time is click the mouse on “Reply All” and throw me to the keyboard to answer the mail. And here the thing is complicated. At that time the option “Reply All” becomes “Discard” and you already can you imagine the rest… begin writing the email, you give without want to finger trackpad and… ready you have uploaded you mail. The mouse pointer was there and decided to not move.


So I’m going to take advantage that I am on campus to go to Building X to find the champion of UX that has designed this Angry smile

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

image image image

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