[#ALM] The Snooze Button, repeat phrases of common sense loud and technical debt (in both cases is to cut off the fingers)



to start the post, you must first take 2 minutes to the next video

If you’ve endured and still reading, you’re surely changing the daily alarm time for consistent time. If you haven’t seen it, because you are more vague than a town councillor, you therefore summarize the content of the video in a sentence

The Snooze Button is very bad for your body. It seems that mess with sleep cycles and that is more dangerous for the body than a wrong prescription Viagra.

I confess I have a system that is a little weird to wake me, do it in one click of the Snooze and then the same, slow 10 minutes more in preparing me for the morning running, breakfast, etc.While before slept little, since my wife was mother of 2 children (of which, I think that one is mine), little sleep has been shortened to 6 hours a day (7 lucky). That is why after watching this video, I see that I better take the 20 minutes of Snooze in sleeping more and wake me up like a rooster, which in laze in bed… and that that there is no point.

Note: by the way, to my I love videos of 2 minutes as an introduction to a topic. What happens is that even I (a viral liar) can create these videos. I have read a little more about the topic and then I made the decision. If you get bored on the subway or in the bathroom, I recommend this PDF to clarify the issue of fragmentation in the dream a little.

Now that I repeat aloud this seems natural, yet I still am doing this exercise to convince me of basic things. For example, this week was about to fall in a typical exercise of procastinacion, and was about to ignore 2 basic lessons that has given me the experience:

  • Never envelope deem damage that can be caused by the technical debt . (References )here and here )
  • A prototype or pilot for an application usually ends in production giving support to more than 2000 concurrent people

The subject was related to the OK at the beginning of an application where capabilities and its technical base in the long run would bring us more problems than solutions. This problem was dodging him since a time as well as the Snooze button, shelving was very comfortable, but in the long run it would have to give a solution in this regard. As well, in a loud voice repeated the classic “Bruno don’t be dude!” and tried to leave closed topic. That Yes, applying some criteria to it.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the hard-nosed ALM’s book, however, the lesson learned is to not let the important then, since as with the snooze button, them are losing every 10 minutes that you win, in reality ;)

Sources and resources:

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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