[#WINDOWS] Windows Embedded 8 released (will be everywhere!)



a little while ago Jose Bonnin (@wasat) dropped the news on twitter > > Windows 8 Embedded is here. If like me you questions, would have to do an OS embedded with an ALM MVP? It is surely you don’t know the other part that I like the technology that is allowing us to play with gadgets. The first thing Windows 8 Embedded is a “tuned” Windows, this means that even though you can run into a wrist watch, you still have the features and capabilities that we know Windows.

There are 3 versions that they are free of Windows 8 Embedded: Standard, Pro, and Industry.3 Have a different target, although the main difference is that

For example, the 3 versions support common capabilities such as:

  • Multi Touch
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Windows Media Player
  • USB 3.0
  • WI-FI
  • Anti Malware
  • VPN Client (essential!)
  • Domain policies
  • Remote access (Remote Desktop)
  • etc

This makes us think that in devices that we see on the street as ATMs, kiosks, information, etc. will have all these features as a Windows desktop.

As my touches me personally dealing with these issues, because I sign up I start to distribute the ISOs of test devices x 86 and X 64 somewhat strange, and if you want more information then the Overview is very well and also the comparison between different versions .

Finally a picture of a production line where we see how cars are assembled, and the KUKA arms that move all… are controlled with Windows Embedded and a couple of Windows Server for central management and control.

HomePage: http://www.getwindowsembedded8.com/

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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