[#TFS2012] Now you can already customize #Kanban boards as you want !! (but brking any rule ehh?)



then ad of Brian Harry yesterday with the applied updates to Team Foundation Service and Team Foundation Server 2012, one of the things that we most hoped was to be able to customize the columns in our Kanban boards . Here’s a post of the great Tarun Arora more PRO explains it in a way, I will do it more than homespun.

Yesterday now I say a blow on the forehead when I tried to customize the columns of a Board, mainly because of the IE cache ; However after this all started running pearls.

When you create a project based on the template of SCRUM, within the Product Backlog already you can access Board (board) and within the same view columns that you can work with the PBIs.In the picture below there are 8 PBIs in 4 possible States


In this case the flow is fairly linear and passes through the following States


This form of work covers many scenarios, however it may be within the same cases you want to work with a little more refinement, for example adding States to identify the last integrated test and QA carried out control.


As we can see in the figure above we have changed some States and now to see how to do the same in the Kanban board of Team Foundation Service . When we access the Customize Columns option, we see that we have 4 initial States. We can also see that we have the ability to define the maximum size of the WIP for each column and we can define the State of each WorkItem type in each column.


Applying changes to the new process, we will see that although do not change the State of the WorkItem, if we can change the position of the same in the columns of the Board. In this case I have renamed a column by Build and added 2 new: Integration Test and QA.


When we apply this changes we see that the existing WI to accommodate new columns and no information is lost.


We already have a Board 100% functional in which we can move the PBIs at will within the definition of columns that we have. An example of this can be the next image


Now, within the historical changes of a WorkItem, values that define how it associates with the same columns are stored in the Kanban Column field. If we see a WI history we can see how this value changes as we move the WI between columns,


If in addition we drag the WI to a column that changes its status, the State field is also updated.

Awesome feature…!


Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

image image image

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