[#TFSSERVICE] Error moving elements on the #Kanban board and how it was solved from #Microsoft in 10 minutes



this afternoon friends from Redmond applied a new update to instances of Team Foundation Service . Each of these updates is welcome by the public in general, and this had the ability to quickly modify the columns of the Kanban board to move work items as great addition.

Although clear, not all that glitters is gold, while still defining some PBIs for the current iteration I encountered the following scenario. When he tried to move the PBIs from the “NEW” status to “APPROVED” I came across the following error


The description is very clear: “the APPROVED value does not exist in the values supported by the Kanban board”


However seeing the customization of columns, I could see that they were there.


Ready, a bug report to Microsoft. An email by the internal line and within 10 minutes had the team of product chatting with me to see the error. And after a little debugging we see that the error was something stupid related to the IE cache, cleaning the same our IE now works of pearls. That doesn’t mean you have to give a heave of ears to some developer Guiño

However, how many times I heard that Microsoft cares not about users, going at your own pace, etc. In this case in particular for a service that is free, the problem had been solved in 10 minutes! KUDOS for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server product teams.

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

image image image

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