[#OPINION] Microsoft Open Source Rookie of the year! (freak it chaval!)



making news to start the week! (if I do that I better start forgetting Monday and Tuesday)

It turns out that the friends of BlackDuckSoftware have announced their list of Open Source Rookie of the Year 2012. And that list can be found at MICROSOFT by TYPESCRIPT, already taken!

Now sure you wonder who are these of BlackDuck?, it seems that they are a company that is basically dedicated to the OpenSource business (if you don’t understand it, you touch upgrade to 2013). And this is where everything starts to become more sensationalist than it should be.

If until years ago Microsoft was bad in that film to open source is concerned, how can this change be? Any fan of the twisted stories or with a paranoia of those who should be treated with electric shock surely will think that This is an “award” that Microsoft has purchased, but reading between the lines you will notice 2 things:

On the one hand, Microsoft for quite some time that it is betting on the open source and on the other hand, TypeScript is a very good product. An example of this is that all Team Foundation Server Web Access new interface is mounted with TypeScript, Brian Harry discuss it as experience of working in a very comprehensive way here. We can think of TypeScript as JavaScript ++you can even see the Anders Hejlsberg talking about the topic in a Channel9 video .

Going back to the first point, I 2 days ago said as several people VS team were collaborating on the core git to be able to incorporate some features of the same to the core TFS . What is a “selfish contribution” in some areas, is still a contribution to improve the product. Then we also have those who prefer to recognize this achievement as “fools see the light“, but beyond recognition or the news trying to dress up “bad” to Microsoft, the reality is simple:

Microsoft.OpenSource = true;

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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