[#TFS2012] Now if GIT + TFS = true;)



in the event of new year’s Eve about what you have to know a ALM hesitate to 2013 one of the issues that I stressed and point to study was GIT . Then behold, well, today I entered in my account from Team Foundation Service and I find the following:


A striking new red color for related topics with GIT ? That at the time of creating a Team Project now have the option of using the versions of files from TFS of lifetime management or GIT .


But be careful! that not everything is transparent for Visual Studio 2012. You can now create a Team Project with support of GIT does not mean that we should continue to work as before with Team Foundation Server. We are going everywhere.

GIT is a chestnut”

Think that thousand and one time let this sentence, mainly in times of frustration or despair when I could not do something in GIT which was used in TFS. This is frustration of rookie, after a for weeks you get used to working with GIT and the truth is that you spend it well. However, Visual Studio IDE 2012 is not ready for GIT and Team Foundation Server less!

So the friends of Seattle got batteries and 6 months ago began to modify GIT to incorporate the advantages of the DVCS within the wonderful idea of all-in-One of Team Foundation Server. what has been the result? as many push for changes in the core of GIT by Microsoft employees (Scott Hanselman does an overview of this topic and others in this post ). )

Note: silo have well read: MICROSOFT brings expertise in projects OPEN SOURCE form free, LO freak kid! Here’s an example ;)


Now we return to the subject, what’s with the Source Control Explorer? I cant see my TFS projects +GIT within the same… This is normal: the Source Control Explorer is the client of the model view client/server TFS.

To work with Git at this moment is to install the current beta 2 Update for Visual Studio 2012. Once we have installed and connect to a Team Project that uses GIT, we can see that the work options are offering us Git


You can see the full step by step from here .


Saludos @ La Finca


El Bruno

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