[#OPINION] Arduino vs Netduino (for dummies of a dummy)



a couple of days than in the forums of netduino and Arduino I’ve seen a couple of people asking about the differences between both platforms. I’m not an expert, nor much less, only mine is at hobby level; but I hope give a small clarification that serve any.

First things first, if you’re looking the difference between both platforms, understand that you know something about them. Arduino is a hardware with an Atmel AVR micro platform and various I/O ports. In wikipedia there is much information on Arduino that I recommend reading here. As an open platform, there are many implementations, it is possible to see a list athttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Arduino_compatibles .

Netduino is a special implementation of Arduino it is programmed using .Net micro Framework .And here we have the first difference between the two: C vs C#.

Clarification: in reality though most commented and used of Arduino is in Java, the official version is programmed with a simplified version of C; which is pretty low. If you don’t have experience in these environments, you will bring more than one headache. We could equally say that the comparison is always the classic C# vs Java.

In addition to the difference of the programming platform Arduino has a much larger community.Although this does not mean that the forums of Netduino is small, an example of which is constant activity that have the Netduino forums. This is also important to keep in mind, the community and examples of Arduino is much more extensive than the community of Netduino .

Now, if what buscas.es “power” with Netduino there are certain plates that can reach the 200 MHz / 8 MB that are real “beasts” in the world of micro-programming. So this mention because examples of control an IO port or control a light sensor, are fine. However the real solutions tend to be much more complex, where layers of services, interconnected devices, etc. are used At this point, Netduino has the advantage of having all the power of the best 2012 programming language: C# .

On both platforms you can use free tools to schedule and both are Open Source (mostly, except for specific implementations). I think the breaking point would put it in so professional you want to make your products. For example, if you want to create a solution it would be advantage as the garbage collector, event programming, etc.; Netduino is the choice. If on the other hand, want to make a “Hello World“, because with Arduino and €50 can do you quickly.

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El Bruno

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