[#TFS2012] Add #Skype as a new IM provider in in Team Explorer



some time ago I commented about how the Power Tools for TFS 2012 gave us a natural integration with MSN Messenger and LYNC within Team Explorer. The Team Members section we can see something similar to the following image.


When we see the providers, in my case we can see that I’m working with Lync and without MSN Messenger.


Now well, as we all know our friend MSN Messenger has its days numbered, and the future is LYNC. Luckily our friend Nico has updated their extension to the power tools and has included the final version of Skype therein. It can be downloaded from http://tfscollab.codeplex.com/ and once you launch the installer:


You can see that at the time of access to Team Members, Skype is requesting authorization to be able to integrate with Team Explorer.


Once given permission, we can already see at SKYPE as one supplier.


Simply great! Risa

PD: If you encounter this error when Team Explorer to access, is likely my that it is because one of the executables 2 is running with administrator permissions: or Skype or VS2012.


Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

image image image

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