[#PERSONAL] MVP, 6 on the basket



I yesterday I mentioned on my return to the blog;

Friends of Microsoft I have recognized as MVP for 6th consecutive year

This time I have recognized as MVP Visual Studio ALM and after years of C# and VSTS, ALM 3 are already going

Just can’t thank everyone who help me to improve in this aspect, since my colleagues and bosses in Avanade where I can live from the trenches the day of a Dude ALM, the friends of user groups that make me a hole once in a while to give a talk (for example MadridDotNet and SecondNug), everyone in MS Spain who always supports me when we can think of ideas related to Visual Studio ALM (Cristina, Ethel, Alfonso, David(, Jose,… and sure I forget more than one); and obviously to the more than 5 million readers that this blog which is my main point of departure has peta.

A couple of years ago I put a photo of the great LeBron James as MVP, and as it has been repeated and finally it has logged his ring with Miami Heat This year a little change roles. Leave place to the crack of Kevin Durant. KD is not imposed as much as LeBron, as though I was lucky to see him play when he was a rookie with the Seattle SuperSonics and the truth is that it was impressive. Only say that you being his first season averaged about 20 points Guiño


In that game, Seattle SuperSonics faced Dallas Mavericks in the last official match played in Seattle. In that game I was lucky to see the animal’s Dirk Nowitzki who showed me what is working on a technique of shooting for many years and become one of the best. (I personally think that it is one of the best fencers in the last years)

2 Years ago, when the Dallas Mavericks reached the final against Miami Heat, everyone thought it was cooked for Miami, but thanks to an excellent team of Dallas game and a few historical games of Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas could bear the title to home. Dirk Nowitzki has also been MVP so deserves a picture of good and luckily will not end his career without a ring.


NBA geek data: indeed, likely LeBron to repeat this year, numbers that are doing are unbelievable. The Lakers are in decline and perhaps OKC, SAS or the Knicks can do a bit of shadow.

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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