[#PERSONAL] A couple of days without posts



more than 40 days ago that I do not write a post. We went on vacation to Argentina and my girl made me promise that during the holidays I just devoted to the family. As it was quite a few days I decided to ignore it.

Note: Although some twisted minds have the theory that, as a good husband, I do what she says;This theory collapses under its own weight. For example, in moments in which she is not at home, I have allowed do some things of my own choosing.

Well, these days many things happened and now I get to write posts on the subject

  • I have been renewed as MVP ALM one more year Guiño
  • VS2012 and TFS2012 have gone through several interesting updates
  • LEGO has announced a new Lego Mindstorms based on Android
  • Lego Messi has won his 4th gold ball (3 more and longer can invoke to Shenlong ))
  • Microsoft Research has revealed some very interesting stuff to take into account this year
  • I have reserved therapy sessions after meeting at Chip towers
  • I learned this great Slovenian proverb “Tell the truth but go away right away.”
  • I have installed a couple of Windows 8 and I’ve checked that curve of learning for non-technical users, is only 20 minutes

And many other things on which I will write in the next few days.

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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