[#KINECT] Angry Mouse … ;)



If I were a mouse or mouse would be quite angry / upset / angry or whatever you want in your land. Now comes a device more or less €100 expensive called Microsoft Kinect that aims to replace me and dethrone me in the world of computers. But of course, the anger / anger / anger begins already some time ago, when some guys from a company with a manzanita, reinvent a mobile phone a little big, put iPad name and everyone gets used to

Touch and drag instead of move and click

Then why, if a mouse I would be very angry. But as said the great Groucho Marx

It is better to remain silent and appear stupid than talk and remove doubts definitively.

That’s why that mouse still quietly accompanied by more than one and I think it will take quite some time so definitely leaves us.

Especially when there are many people who, at the time is to create a new user interface, which seek to replace the mouse, for example with gestures and actions about Kinect. These projects are designed and destined to fail in 99.99% of cases.

The key to these cases is in the word "create". What we must do is to leave alone the mouse, thank you for the services provided and start thinking what are the most effective ways of working with the new sensors that we possess.

Now the interaction between most mobile devices, tactile surfaces, as Kinect gestures detectors, pico projectors, etc.; It makes us think in new scenarios for applications that can really be great or disastrous.

Some will ask, you little sleep has affected the Bruno or what he writes this?, is very simple. As some have noticed that I like to play with Kinect and such devices, many times I get questions like

  • How can I do to replace the mouse with Kinect?
  • Not be how to double click with Kinect, when I try to replace the mouse.

And while it is true that I try to answer everything what you ask me, for those questions the answer this post. Where I do not respond nothing in particular but… well now you know.

I Luckily, have not only the opportunity to "play" with these devices but they are also part of my job at Avanade, so I can see the good and bad experiences in the world of the NUI (term beater to describe natural forms of work with electronic devices). Many people don’t realize that Kinect, for example, need considerable to be effective space, or that on a touch device because the sensitivity of the touch is not the same as a mouse.

Finally, a fact to keep in mind:

During the year 2008 the number of devices connected to the internet surpassed the number of people on Earth. By 2020 it is expected to be more than 50 billion devices connected to the internet. (Source ))

Does this mean?, which in addition to having a Mustang 100% connected to the internet, we will now have to interact with many types of new devices and of course, our friend the mouse will not be there to help us and is not a question that we emulate the functioning of mouse everywhere.

So I do not keep my mouse right now, but already begin to see how that can work in different spaces without a mouse… then I will see that device gives me the best help in that scenario Risa

By the way

1 As the layman has been me boy, wait to see what I’m doing with my RX8, a Kinect, a tablet with Windows 8, etc. limitedin the hands of a piece of code C#. My girl is a little scared but the Valentino super happy to play with the car from a tablet… Risa

.2 The ratonazo angry / upset / angry took out it of http://abstract.desktopnexus.com/get/134212?t=08tt07vgrel6eo8knisme46jh34fa00c9fcba2b

Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

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