[# ALM] As 30 minutes a day can change your life

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today is post of self-help. I’ve always thought that self-help books are created for people that do not fit or are not happy with what you have. Then these books describe a series of problems that is very likely that no one has, but clear the people endorsed them and… pum! editorial hit, you have millions of people buying a book that you basically repeated the lessons that you gave your parents when you were a teenager.

Although of course, it is better to stop €10 for a book that will help you, to take advantage of the wisdom which give you free there.

In my case, the 30 minutes is something that has cost me 35 years to learn. Some time ago, I commented as he personalized my own version of GTD, working with pomodoros of 25 minutes and managing my all with OneNote (link).Eventually, the fact devote periods of 25 or 30 minutes with an exclusive focus towards a single subject, has helped me to get things that previously could not.

But the most important thing I’ve learned, is that in these small blocks of time, I can achieve much, if I learn to separate the tasks that I’m adding in small blocks. Who writes so easily in 3 lines, then is far more complicated to implement when you take it to reality. But over time, you learn to distinguish large small stones stones; and finally you get are all small stones.

Note: do not know the history of rocks and the Lake of Toyota? because you should (link ))

This is beside the point that my father of guy, always told me that the best way to embark on a journey is taking a first step. Or if I forward my have a very big problem, so it’s best to separate into small problems. And then go to solving one by one. Come on it was free information he could have free and after study on ALM for more than 10 years, him I’m capturing the idea.

Note 2: my father is an engineer and is a crack if you did not know (link). In the next photo you see as the next generation of also has understood things better enter hammer blows to the head Risa


Then, what should I do with this to improve my development lifecycle?. Apply common sense and devote 30 minutes a day to find answers to the following questions:

  • I am developing quality software?
  • What can I do to improve the quality of my development process?
  • I’m working with the best tools?
  • I know how to work with these tools to be more productive?
  • I’m adding value to my business?
  • etc.

These wonder appear trivial, but for example the latter is one of the points that we abandon over the computer. Many times we think that the technological solution of the death is the best we can do, when in reality with something simple and concrete we are providing more value than we need. That Yes, while forgetting that "technical debt" (link) can destroy a project little by little.

To summarize:

It dedicates 30 minutes a day to think about how to improve your way of working.

Then apply another 30 minutes to implement these improvements.

You finally have a 30 minute session to assess whether these improvements are actually reflected in your day to day.

Beware, this is not a task for 90 minutes in a day, we distribute and thinking on how to improve with time… but thinking!

I do, and am also a daily pomodoro to

  • Make a CodeKata, to not forget about the foundations of programming
  • Read a little about technology, trends, etc., not to miss the train

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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