[# VS11] HowTo: Package and deploy an application in Windows 8



now that the App Store for Windows 8 is a reality, arises the question about how to deploy applications developed withVisual Studio 11 Windows 8. Suppose we have a very simple Grid Application


Therefore, if you want to run this interesting application on another computer with Windows 8, probably first thing do is copy the contents of the bin/Debug or bin/Release folder to that computer. However the time to launch the executable you will find the following error:


   1: [Window Title]
   2: ...ElBruno.GridApplication01\ElBruno.GridApplication01\
   3: bin\Debug\elbruno.gridapplication01.exe
   5: [Content]
   6: ...\ElBruno.GridApplication01\ElBruno.GridApplication01\
   7: bin\Debug\elbruno.gridapplication01.exe
   9: This application can only run in the context of an AppContainer.
  12: [OK]

And now?, because the most daring installed Visual Studio 11 on that computer and recompilarán application. In this way will achieve something that developers have been asking for centuries > > distribute Visual Studio as part of the operating system, clients, servers, mobile phones, etc. But I will the idea… as well, if you want to deploy the application you can do this bundling it and distributing it through 2 channels

  • App Store
  • Local App Packaging

As for the first you have to pay and is not yet active, then let’s see the steps for the 2nd option.

1. In the first place we select project

2 We deploy the contextual menu and select the option [Store / / Create App Package…]


3 Select the option to create local package


4 We define the location for the generation of the package and the managed versions.


5. Now we can already build our package.

6. Once generated the package we will be able to copy the directory "Package" to any Windows 8.

7. Inside the directory "Packages\ < Application Name > _ < Version > _AnyCPU_Debug_Test\" there is a file.BAT that allows to install the application.

8 We launched the bat of installation from a command prompt with administrator permissions


9. Ready… our application is now installed and ready to run from the context of Metro Risa


Greetings @ Here

The Bruno


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