[# ALM] My new book on teamwork with Visual Studio ALM

Hi, While a couple of weeks that has come to the market, just now I have time to do a bit of self-aggrandizement and promote my new book on teamwork with Visual Studio Alm. Again I've profited from CampusMVP people so that they are those who publish the book, although this time is a book [...]


[#KINECT] HowTo: Change the camera angle

Hi, in today's post we will move the angle of the sensor up or down using the SDK APIs. It is initially possible to move the camera up or down a twenty-seventh, and to try them we will from the example of yesterday. 1 We modify our application to allow us to define the angle [...]

[#KINECT] HowTo: Cambiar el ángulo de la cámara

Buenas, en el post de hoy vamos a mover el ángulo del sensor hacia arriba o hacia abajo utilizando las APIs del SDK. Inicialmente es posible mover la cámara hacia arriba o hacia abajo unos 27º, y para probarlos vamos a partir del ejemplo del día de ayer.   1. Modificamos nuestra aplicación para que [...]