[KINECT] The Kinect Effect



Microsoft Kinect as device has meant a revolution in this its first year of life (well almost still missing a couple of days for his first birthday). In addition to having a couple of records under his belt, the output of the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta has allowed us to create a new type of applications that until today, we could only think as part of science fiction films.

In the following video, Microsoft presents 12 real applications developed with Kinect that leaving aside the classical applications of games, we allow users have a new tool in different fields such as medicine or education.

The truth is that while numbers Kinect astonish by the share of penetration in the market or the amount of developed applications, the interesting thing is to see how the range is opening up to new possibilities and as increasingly limits are closest.


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Source: http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/Features/2011/oct11/10-31KinectEffect.mspx

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