[# RESHARPER] Now integrated with StyleCop 4.6




a couple of days ago Victor friend told me that he was about to start a project from scratch, so we sat the minimum basis for collaboration and quality for the same. If you start a project from scratch, where different people work in offline mode, it is advisable to apply a set of rules that help to "the rules of the game are the same for all". In the case of coding style, StyleCop is an excellent ally for this. In addition, Avanade Spain have an extended template compilation which inter alia applies the StyleCop rules implementation of Team Build and indicates that level of aesthetic quality is our code (if you want more info on the subject talk because the template does many things that does not come Out Of the Box with TFS2010).

But I repeat I scattered, from that I started to work with Windows 8 had not installed the StyleCop plugin in my working environment. So to demonstrate the capabilities of StyleCop to Victor, me I downloaded the latest version and I took a big surprise > This is 100% integrated with RESHARPER 6.0 version. We are adapting as a plugin for ReSharper and from here you are with the analysis in StyleCop rules coding time.


Obviously, for tastes > colors, and I do not believe that all rules should apply in all cases. But it is nice to see that for example, now the [this] are compulsory according to StyleCop (ReSharper loathed them), and that all your code probably will not meet the basic rules. On a WCF Application created from scratch, the list of errors is pretty long.


But do not despair, you always have the option to define the behavior desired for each of the rules. For example, if not believe in the documentation (or in the Kings Magi), because you can turn off this rule in particular that behave as a Hint, for example.


Or even in the General inspection of ReSharper code options, you can define actions to take for each of StyleCop rules.


If you ask me my what seems to me, I will then tell you that you feel me great Risa

Greetings @ Here

The Bruno


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