[# VS11] New tool for DIFF / MERGE (finally!)



If you know me a little you know that some of the things I hate most are social injustice, animal abuse and WinDiff. That is the tool for DIFF and MERGE that comes by default with Visual Studio before that is born the Valentino. After that half the world asked that they incorporate a tool like people awhile, lso friends from Redmond decided to finally throw WinDiff Visual Studio 11and garbage, finally have something more decent.

The first thing that attracts our attention, for example when comparing two versions of a file, is that… it is integrated within the IDE of Visual Studio 11. From here we can work directly in the IDE without problems and without the need to ALT + tab.The tool also has 3 views in which they can see the columns origin, destination and result in portrait mode.


In landscape mode


Or in composite mode, which is similar to that offered us WinDiff.


The selection of the elements is done with a few very nice but somewhat uncomfortable CheckBox to select,

Well, if what we are doing is to compare different versions of a file, we now have another view also integrated within the IDE that shows something similar to the following.


If you see many colorful you think a Carnival, it is likely that changing the view to “Side by Side” is more clear that it is every thing. The interesting thing about this view is that we can


We are going as tools is a great step forward, in addition have browsers types in combos superiors and other few more interesting tips which I will comment on other posts.

Greetings @ Here

The Bruno


PS: Just in case, always you can configure WinMerge to be used in Visual Studio 2010, details here.

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